Thank You for Being Part of My Fulfilling Year



Thank you for who you are to me—people of grace and profound commitment to bringing a richer weave to the fabric of life-your own and the world around you.


When I reflect on you,

You who have deliberately chosen to direct your lives

Purposefully and with great meaning

I see shimmering stars lighting my path

I see the beauty of persistence and determination in you.


As I think of you

I feel the essence of the freedom you feel

When enduring strength and power replace your initial fears and doubt.

I am touched by your commitment to being your best

With your Legacy, your Life and your Money



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Our Wishes to You for 2014

We wish you a Superlative 2014 with:

  • Your Life in Focus
  • Your Relationship with Money and
  • Your Family’s Legacy

As you begin your year with resolve, here are a few words from others to strengthen your determination:

If you asked me for my New Year Resolution, it would be to find out who I am
Cyril Cusack

This year, money and I will be friends. We will not part company as easily and as often as last year.
N. Cog Nito

When you build long lasting purpose in and meaning to your family, you build the door to immortality.
Bhaj Townsend

Tell us how you will strengthen your behaviors with money, your more focused life or your deepening of your family connections by leaving a comment below.