What Money Means to Chelsea Might Not Mean much to You but…

A year or so ago, Chelsea Clinton was interviewed by Fast Company. Back then her comments went mostly unnoticed. Her comments recently resurfaced in the U.K’s The Telegraph with a new headline. This time it grabbed people’s attention. It was brought to my attention when people asked me what I thought of her comments.  Here is what she said: “I was curious if I could care about [money] on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t.”

When this was brought to me, I was a little confused. Here is this woman, an only child of a wealthy family, the wife of a wealthy hedge fund executive, making a statement like this. She has money so what did she mean by this seemingly casual comment?

I had to investigate further to see if there was more to what I was hearing. As you might imagine, there was more to the quote. She followed her seeming lack of concern about money by saying that she realized that making money “…wasn’t the metric of success that I wanted in my life.”

Now this makes a big difference. For her, it seems that amassing more wealth is not as important as other areas in her life.

I applaud her for looking beyond the lure of money and looking to put more meaning in her life. I think it is terrific that she, with the wealth she has and may be expected to maintain, wants more depth and significance to her life.

I also don’t think she would have said what she did if she didn’t already have the comforts and privileges she been given. If she had to rely on her ability to earn money to meet her monthly financial obligations, I have no doubt her relationship with money would be different.

I only hope that she understands the role and responsibility money has for someone in her position and not squander the role she has as leader of the family’s foundation.

What does money mean to you? Let me know by leaving a comment here. I’d love to hear from you.