Money Phrases You Can Take to Your Bank

For this blog I want to share with you seven pithy quotes on money for you to reflect on. As you read each one think about its relevance to your life


  1. It can take a lifetime to build and a year to lose
  2. It’s easier to make money than it is to keep it
  3. The secret to keeping your money is knowing what yours is for
  4. You make good choices because of the heroes, models, mentors and experiences who guide your thinking in the proper way
  5. Money without meaning is like candy without a wrapper. It’s too easy to devour without restraint.
  6. This year, money and I will be friends, and not part company as easily and as often as last year.
  7. Commitment is a promise and pledge to something. Make your commitment to the purpose for your money that strong.

Which statement got you to think about your money in a more profound way? Which statement made you reconsider an aspect to your money that is not in alignment with your intention with that money?

I find that #5 is a zinger for me today as I can find myself easily justifying an expense I don’t need but act upon. I like the reminder that #7 gives me to have a pledge with my money and to honor that pledge.

Leave me your comments. I’d like to hear what caught your attention.

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