Adrianna Huffington and Richard Branson Give us the Key

Recently I read an article from Forbes titled What 10 Leaders Wish They Had Known When They Were 22. Along with the career savvy advice from Sallie Krawcheck, former executive at Bank of America, and excellent reminders from Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, there were two comments that got my attention.

The first was from Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group who said: “Have a blast but build your purpose.” He continued by succinctly adding: “… if you don’t really love what you do, you won’t succeed.”  To me, he seems to epitomize his purpose of making a difference in this world. He has added the cool factor to the products he delivers to consumers for decades.

The second comes from Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post said: “Chart your own path to success.” She continued to say: “…chart a new path to success, remaking it in a way that includes not just the conventional metrics of money and power, but a third metric that includes well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving, so that the goal is not just to succeed but to thrive.”

I remember when I initially thought about, as a young adult, what it means to thrive. I remember when I asked the questions I’d like to share with you for you to ask yourself: What is my purpose here? What gifts, talents and proclivities have I been given that I can make an impact with?

As you think about these three questions, go deeper than listing he things you like to do. Go deeper. Reach in to your heart and find out what are the principles you live by. Describe the credos and the beliefs you stand by. These will give you your cornerstones to your unique and rich life. Knowing and having these will provide you your unique threads to your purpose driven life.    

Leave me a comment how you have come to live your purpose and chart your path to success. And if perchance, your purpose still eludes you, comment about the journey you are on to finding your purpose.  What are the blocks you seem to run into again, again and again? What do you need to find the meaning in your life you so very much want

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