The Key to a Meaningful Life is Inside…Check it Out

If I ask you what is important to you, how would you answer that?

Would you tell me about an aspect to your work that you really enjoy?

Would you tell me about a sport you like to play or a skill you have developed?

Would you tell me about your friends and family members who give your life more sparkle and meaning?


For many people the first and most obvious answer is to mention the tangible things in life that give pleasure, which make them unique, which make them happy.


But these are things in life. So let’s look into what makes these “things” important to you. I will start by asking: What is important about a passion of yours?


Here is an example: tennis is important to me. At one time I was a nationally ranked player. I loved to compete. I loved to improve. I loved to be better than others. But what was important about that to me?  I learned about how to control my emotions. This was a powerful lesson. I learned how to strategize which I love to do. I gained understanding of me through tennis. That was powerful.


Now, back to you: what is important about that thing of yours you love? Because life is not all an outer experience, it is powerful to discover the inner meaning of what brings you joy and fulfillment, what brings meaning to your life.


As you look inside yourself you may find yourself able to tap into an inner dimension of your life giving you power and an ability to live a life of meaning. This inner dimension begins to create a life from your source to your intended outcome rather than moving from outcome to outcome.


Try it. Leave a comment and tell me what you found for yourself.

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