You Can’t Define the Edges without Knowing the Center

I recently read a book The Book of Secrets by Osho. A Buddhist baker I know in Maine recommended it to me after receiving the book from his aunt as an inheritance bequest. He read it and thought I would enjoy it. Although I questioned some postulations, I especially liked how the author expressed man’s dilemma.

For example, the author said: “Man is as if he is a circle without a center. His life is superficial; his life is only on the circumference. You live on the outside you never live within. You cannot, unless a center is found.” “On the circumference only lukewarm life is possible. So really, you live a very unauthentic life….You simply go on waiting, hoping that something will happen somewhere, someday.”

Later he goes on to say: “No animal is free: he has to live and follow a particular program that existence gives to him. When he is born, he is born with a program-he has to follow it. He cannot go astray, he cannot choose. There are no alternatives given to him. For man, all alternatives are open, and with no map to move with.”

I find this intriguing because it illustrates something I have discovered. While animals are bound to following a predetermined course we don’t have a set map. A lion doesn’t go about the Botswana Delta agonizing over how whether to eat their gazelle raw or grilled or whether to drink water or a shot of Tequila. They follow patterns that have been worked out over millennia. We, on the other hand don’t have a chartered life. We are free to choose.

But there is great responsibility in that choosing. We create ourselves through our own efforts. I believe the best way to create our best selves Is by knowing ourselves first, by finding our center. Once we find ourselves, we can then move to the outside, to the circumference.

How do you do this? I think Osho stated it well when he wrote: “First, you either need help or you don’t. Second, either you can move into the unknown without any fear or you cannot. And third, without any method, without any technique, without any system, can you proceed a single inch or can’t you? These three things you have to decide within you: analyze your mind, open it, look into it and decide what type of mind you have got. If you decide that you cannot do it (finding your center) alone then you need a system, a master, a scripture, a technique. If you think that you can do alone then there is no need for anything else. But be honest, and if you feel that it is impossible to decide-it is not easy to decide-if you feel confused, then first try a master, a technique, a system. And try it hard, to the every extreme, so that if something is going to happen it happens.”

When the center is found, the edges can be defined. Once the center is found, the responsibility in making the right choices begins to come into focus. Our life now has a clearer path to walk on.

I wish for all of us to find our center. Then we can be.

Leave a comment by letting me know what you realized or thought as you read this blog. I look forward to reading your comments.


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