The Link between Happiness and Purpose has been Found

While for many of us, winter is still raging on, let’s take a break from the cold and the storms.  let’s see what we can learn from the concept of happiness.

Happiness has been studied for decades by social scientists, economists, psychologists, philosophers and those who have taken the journey to find it for themselves.

They have found that there are 3 key elements to happiness. The first two are ones they say we cannot control: genetics and the rippling effect of recent events. The third element is one we can control. It is the conscious choice to live by our principles. Now why is this?

It is because our principles represent how we usually show up in the world. Our principles act like a barometer and compass that we use in our lives to measure how successfully we feel about what we are doing.  These principles are our why in life.

When we take the time to define and prioritize these core principles we find how important they are to use and how they uniquely define us as individuals by ourselves, with family when communally shared, or with our community when agreed upon collectively.   

Often people look to fill space and time with activity. Doing so, researchers note may dull anxiety and worry. Chasing thrills can create endorphin rushes. However, they are transient which means they need to be chased and dulled again. The act of doing things doesn’t give a deeper part of us the “nutrition” it needs.

Humans have an appetite and need for physical food. High value nutrition is important to the body so the muscles can grow, the bones can tighten and fuse as they should. Humans also need emotional nutrition and find it in relationships, adventure and excitement. But neither of these fulfill that ephemeral side of the human that which is commonly referred to as the soul or sense of identity. This can only be found in the why of one’s life, the principles and beliefs that make ourselves feel satisfied, fulfilled and significant. This is what needs to be unearthed and developed for happiness.

When you are free I to live by your principles you are free to create your world of meaning and purpose. Get to know your principles and you will get to know your purpose which in turn will bring you happiness.

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