Turning Moments of Conversation into Imprints that Last a Lifetime

The end of year gatherings are filled with jubilant moments: parties where you find people you haven’t seen all year, new faces that grab your attention, and of course, family celebrations that bring your family together to share in holiday traditions and fill in the time with comfortable subjects.

This time of year is a tremendous opportunity to get together. And this is great but what if you could add another dimension that could not only bring your family closer together but have this closeness resonate for years to come, becoming part of the family legacy and rich heritage? What would it mean for your family to create a new rich and vibrant fabric to the tapestry of your family’s legacy?

It’s odd to me how we are so able to have conversations that skim the surface of our lives: quickly laughing off a dramatic event, avoiding the one who rarely speaks up, hearing about someone’s achievement with hearty congratulating quickly followed by a joke or two about it as we silently comparing it to what we have accomplished, and moving on. But it’s often uneasy to have deeper conversations, afraid of what might unintentionally come up.

I encourage you to add another dimension to your gathering: the dimension of connection via listening and understanding
Here are three options for you to consider to add deeper richness to your get-togethers:

Option 1: Ask attendees to your gathering to bring a picture, a song, a movie title or a book title and share, one at time, what was important about that picture, song, movie or book to them. Listen to each person talk about how that is significant in their lives. When they are done talking about what was important to them, follow it up with this question: “How does that which you just described strengthen your life?” You will feel a sense of deeper understanding as each person shares what is important to them and how that can strengthen their life.

Option 2: Let those who are joining you for your gathering know that they will be asked what one thing has been challenging for them this year and how meeting that challenge strengthened them as a person. Complete each person’s share by asking them how, this strength makes them feel? You will feel a deeper connection to that person as they share something personally gratifying.

Option 3: Ask someone: “Who is one person who comes to mind in your life has helped to shape you in a positive way to become the person you are?” Once they have replied ask them: “What did that person give you to help shape you?” Once they have completed that, ask them: “What you they say to that person for if they came into the room right now?” And just listen. You will feel the root of connection and understanding we crave.

After all this discovery and understanding you will have a bonus: you will have turned moments of conversation into imprints that last a lifetime time…and maybe even longer.

Leave a comment and let me know how you are going to use this at your family gathering.
Then come back and let me know what you experienced that will benefit both your life and the connection you have with one of the people who shared their heart with you.

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