When You Need a Friend, Call on Your Strengths…They Can Help

I recently read Stephen Covey’s book:  Principle Centered Leadership. In it he talks about the critical nature strengths and values have in our lives as baseis of purposeful living.

But what exactly what are they and then what are the differences between the two?

In today’s blog I will focus our attention on strengths. Strengths are external expressions representing power and force that we use in relationship to others.  They are a subtle form of communication we use when we interact with the world. The origin of the word comes from the word meaning powerful in effect. Strengths are what I call the outer cloak of one’s being. They are the first trait people usually observe in another, their strengths or lack of them from which quick judgment is made about that person.  

Strengths are distinguishing qualities that you can apply each day, once you are clear as to what yours are and what role they play in your life. We use a list of 44 strengths for people to find theirs, strengths such as: decisive, humorous, amicable, ambitious, observes, diplomat, creative to name a few.

Your strengths assist and support you as they are meant to do: with great purpose and intention. As protective bodyguard, analytical reflector, inclusive host, discerning leader or their support team, your hosts always give you their best instruction from best intentions. That is their job while yours is to listen, filter and apply their messages and advice to you. Your strengths are your best allies as they represent your best self as you commune and partner with others.  

Stephen Covey, in his book, described how leadership based on tasks is unsustainable, like a tree without roots while leadership based on strengths and values is essential, like a tree with roots. One tree will not survive even with good nourishment, while the other tree, with good nourishment, will thrive.

Strengths accompany values as the two traits necessary to grow your own tree, your life, with deep and sustainable roots.  They are the external expression of your values, the inner qualities about which I will talk about next time.  

I hope this was of value to you. Leave a comment on this blog and more importantly, on how you use your strengths to support your life.

P.S. I have my Strength Advisors Conference Table© where I see them and refer to them on a daily basis. They are always there to guide and assist me in whatever I do.  

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