Making it Easier for Your Loved Ones Just Became Simple

Did you know that there are $50 billion of unclaimed assets held by state treasuries, the social security office, life insurance companies, even the Screen Actors Guild?  Annuities, CDs, investment accounts, settlements, safe deposit box property, autos, tax refunds, lotteries, deeds, real estate, debts owed, and more have been left unclaimed by people just like you. How does this happen?

Every day executors/ personal representatives are called upon to settle estates of their loved ones. For many of these people, a nightmare unfolds at a time when their grief is high. Executors don’t know where any of the decedent’s important documents are.

Did you know that about 25% of life insurance policies are unclaimed by beneficiaries? It’s not because the beneficiaries don’t want to benefit from the assets; no, instead it’s because executors don’t know these policies exist.  The assigned executor has the responsibility to locate and catalog all possessions of the deceased. They can only do this if they about these benefits.   What can you do to ensure this doesn’t happen to your beneficiaries?

Have you ever personally been involved or know someone who has been involved in settling the affairs of someone you loved? Was it easy? I certainly wish for you that it was. But for many it looks like this: you find some documents nicely organized in their logical place like a few investment statements or a recent tax return, maybe even a credit card or two.  But you don’t find everything. You don’t even know what “everything “is and today, when so much is online, you are at more of a disadvantage.  Where are the passwords to key websites like utility companies, mortgage companies, credit card providers, or airline frequent mile information? 

If you were an executor to someone’s will did you sometimes wonder how you would ever complete your responsibilities? Did is it seem like every week a new bill would showed up, one more organization reminded your loved one of their pledge or one more friend of your loved one surfaced, one you should have already notified?

It’s not easy being an executor to someone’s estate when important information is not well organized.  When you are not given clues to the location of important documents and information, your work turns from being an act of love to being an act of drudgery and even strife. You are filled with sadness and when you find that things are not organized, you also begin to feel aggravation that can turn to resentment. And you have a fixed deadline to meet. Within 90 days of your loved one’s death, you have to file a report with the probate court listing the value of the probatable assets.   Of course, you want to make it easier for your loved ones to go through the closing of your estate.

What if you had a tool that you could easily fill out and have at hand that made it easier for your executor, when their emotions are raw and their grieving is acute?

There is tool, a booklet that makes it so much easier for your executor to fulfill their obligations at a time when you no longer can tell them where anything is. This booklet is designed to be one of the greatest gifts you can leave your loved one; an organized system of what to do for your memorial service, who to contact right away, and who to contact later, where key documents like life insurance policies are located, where your passwords are located, your tangible item distribution list and much more.  

This booklet is organized in such a way to make it easy for you to fill out personal and key information. It allows you to add extra pages of additional information. But most of all, this booklet is designed to serve as a guide for your loved ones so they put their emotions on your memory. They can fulfill their responsibility to your wishes instead of adding a burdensome element of distraught and anxiety about where all your documents and key information are located.  

Perhaps you have given these subjects some thought before only to find that you’ve put that great thought on the back burner…AGAIN. Well no more. This booklet can be your expression of “Let Me Make It Easier for You when I’m gone.” 

Think about, just for a second if someone had to find your passwords or keys to post office boxes and safe deposit boxes; where would they possibly look for that? What if you had to do it for someone you loved? How difficult might that be for you unless they already told you where key information was located?

A tool like this does exist and it is in the form of a booklet called Making It Easier for my Loved Ones. It is a booklet that includes information to make things easier for your executor. It does not replace your will, trust or other estate planning documents.  It does not act as a legal document. Instead it expresses your notes to help your loved ones at what is thought to be one of the most stressful times in ones’ life.    

If you are interested in learning more about how you can obtain this booklet for yourself, go to our website at  click on the contact form option, and let us know of your interest. We will follow up with the particulars of how you can acquire this valuable booklet and its companion easy to follow guidebook to filling out the booklet.  We will send it out to you quickly.

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