A Tribute to Life Focus Month with Quotes that Matter

Today I want to share with you a few quotes from my upcoming book: Life Matters.

I share them with you because these quotes speak to the relevance of creating, building, and sustaining a life of meaning and relevance. I will give the quote with just a short explanation or description of their value to me.

I hope you find one that makes you pause, reflect and bring more understanding into your life.

Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others.  Think about this. Courage is the doorway to expressing your other qualities.

You have heard the phrase live each day like it’s your last. It has been updated to:Live each day like it’s your best. This has strength in it for me. The former quote feels unsatisfactory as my last day may be uncomfortable, agitated, or even in a coma.

State your intention. Scared people won’t, confident people will.   OOOh, sometimes this feels like a zinger, catches me off guard and I have to think which am I: scared or confident?

Live to illuminate not manipulate. YES! Tough to do but willing to go there.

The purpose of life is a life with purpose: claim it, own it, experience it. It sounds almost trite. But think about it. When you can claim your purpose, own it and experience it, you can do what you are meant to do. It becomes so much easier to differentiate between the relevant and irrelevant guides to life.

Focus on what’s important, sustain what matters. Okay, now how do you do it? By having the courage to identify what is really important to you. See the next quote for a “how” to do this.

If you can open your heart, and reveal the depth within, you can bring out the meaning of your life. Listen to that quiet voice inside. It is a great companion and advisor.

Here’s one especially for couples: Communication thrives on understanding and dies on assumptions. I find that communication requires patience and listening rather than wanting to insert what I am thinking while you are still talking.

Build a bold commitment in a place that matters. I like this because it tells me what to do and where to do it.

Stubbornness is no substitute for strength. Can you tell the difference between the two? Next time you feel yourself digging in your heels, stop and see which of these you are exhibiting. It can be revealing. When you find it is stubbornness, stop and ask for the right type of strength to assist you instead.  

Principles are meant to be firm; rules are meant to be flexible. I believe this is a stepping stone on the bridge to understanding how to live a life with meaning.

And last: To thrive is to be in control. To be in control is to know what to control. Control originates from the word for audit which means to hear. Substitute the word hear for control.

 Which quote speaks to you? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

 Email me at bhaj@focusandsustain.com when you want to delve further into any one of these quotes to benefit your own understanding of yourself.

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