Values are Like a Bicep Muscle-They Need to Be Used to Be Effective and Efficient

When values are part of your daily life they are like a strong bicep muscle, able to help you when you need it to carry a heavy load, open a tight jar, or move a heavy piece of furniture. When values are not utilized, it is like an atrophied muscle, unable to help when the need arises.

Values can be utilized in many areas of your life. They are best highlighted when critical choices are made at key junctures in our lives. These choices have lasting consequences. When they are made emotionally, once the emotion wears off, the connection to the decision can wear off. When they are made rationally, often the “real reason” you want to make a choice is not revealed. The path to making choices needs to be based on a solid foundation. It is not enough to take in data and think to a decision. There has to be something more fundamental in place. This fundamental structure is the platform which holds your values and principles. This is where human connection and motivation begins.

Think about it. When do you get in a funk? It’s because your values are jeopardized or compromised in some fashion. When do you feel strongest? When your values are in alignment with what you are doing. Check in right now; how are your values and principles lining up with your mood? Are they being supported or abandoned?

When you use your values you have a firmer foundation to live from. Exercise them in the same way you do your bicep curls at the gym, regularly.

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