How to Be a Steward of Your Money

In the preceding blog I mentioned stewardship and used it in reference to money. This is what I will focus on today.

What is stewardship?

A clue to being a steward is found in the origin of the word: guardian, overseer.

One of the roles of guardian is to protect.

With money, you are the one in charge of protecting your money. Protecting it from what or who? Sometimes it means protecting money from you and the impulses that compel you to take unsustainable action. An example of this would be buying a car with a monthly payment you know will hurt the other principles of money stewardship. Sometimes it is protecting it from outside pressures such as media “intoxicants” that allure you to purchase what buyer’s remorse wants you to revoke.

Being a guardian also involves an element of shielding. Your shield can protect you from the wandering marauders. They entice you as they must by distracting you and keeping you from the five principles of money stewardship. But it’s hard to use your shield when you don’t know what you want your money to do for you. You must clarify that purpose for yourself. Then you will know what you are shielding.

Being an overseer means supervising. If you were to hire a supervisor for your money, would it be you? A supervisor has a standard to maintain. A supervisor has an expectation to fulfill. What are your expectations of your money?

Being a steward of your money will bring you a feeling of confidence. This confidence is powerful because it is based on trust. You trust yourself with your money. You know that you adhere to the five principles of money. Being a steward of your money will bring you power. This power manifests as feeling relaxed, capable, and actually carrying out the purpose you have designed with your money. Being a steward will provide a strong backdrop to having satisfying and productive conversations around money, unencumbered with innuendos and attack. How can this be? It is because you finally understand that money truly is a tool and you are directing its outcome. These feelings of relaxation, confidence and power give you the freedom to hear another’s fears about money rather than reacting to their words defensively. You know your shield. You are a trusted overseer and guardian of your money. You feel safe.

Are you a steward of your money?

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