The Right Support can Keep Your Family Together for 500 Years

Families can only flourish when there is support to their mission, purpose, and values.
Have you seen the effect of a passing away of a matriarch or patriarch of a family? Have you noticed that within a couple of years the fabric for that family has changed? They do not get together as much, they have less to talk about together. Why is this?

Families, yours and mine cannot sustain themselves without support. With a strong matriarch or patriarch there was a thread of support. When that anchor is gone the thread tears, the fabric weakens, the family begins to drift apart.

How do you sustain support for a family when everyone is scattered living in different areas with their own set of time and family pressures?

It’s not the chatter that calls, and social media outlets provide. These are the methods. The how is the glue that ties families together for generations. This glue is made up of the values and the mission of the family. It becomes the entrance for new family members to walk through as they are introduced to and become member of your family.

Is this glue rigid? No, it cannot be. Like glue, it is malleable to forward the family values and mission with relevance. This multi-layered platform is the support that keeps families together. This is what keeps the Mogis together, whose creed was first introduced in the 1600s. This is what keeps the African family together and can provide valuable information, going back over one hundred years.

A family supported by it values and mission is a family which can support its future while honoring its past.

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