The Third House on the Hill Is Not For Sale

The third house on the hill is now a retreat center for the family’s fourth generation. It started as the home of a very successful corporate executive and his family, their third and final home. Like the other two it was exquisite with meticulous attention to fine craftsman and special materials from around the world. The lady of the house took pride in her award winning garden with both specimen hydrangea and bird attracting plants and foliage. She was honored by having it recognized and listed as a bird sanctuary. The gentleman of the house was proud of the way the construction turned out with the architectural elements he demanded.  This house was singled out as prime example of form marrying function with style and daily use.

The house was a center of family affairs. There had been weddings, memorable birthdays and other special occasions hosted there. Today, four generations would gather, continuing the traditions the family had built over time. This was an exceptional family. They had just gathered to talk about the next phase for the house. This was an important conversation as a lot of history and memories were in that home. A lot of new meaning and traditions were born there as the family grew in size from 3 children in the second generation to now 27 family members in the fourth.

This family is prepared for the conversation it needs to have. For years, this family has held annual family meetings to progress their family mission and purpose. The lady and gentleman of the house came to a realization ten years ago that their family, as it was growing in size might be growing apart. There were more of them than a small nucleus family. There were new influences and quiet tensions beginning to tear at the family’s core. The lady and gentleman were smart. They bought in outside specialists to lead them through a process of preparing the heirs for the weatlh to keep the family connected for generations. Ten years later, this family was now a cohesive unit with a strong family and community brand.

As a result of this meeting, the family council decided with input from all family members, to keep the house as a permanent family retreat center. This house would not be for sale.

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