Position Your Money for Success

I learned that Super Bowl ads for 2013 are selling for about $3.8 million dollars apiece. That’s for thirty seconds of time. And that does not include the production, ad development or creative talent costs. For some, those costs will be millions more. After all that investment, I could be on my phone, taking a break, having a conversation, leaving the screen during the ad.

What will thirty seconds give these companies? How will they know? How can they measure the increased revenue from one or even, four and one half minutes of Super Bowl ad?

The car companies know most cars are purchased in the spring. The movie distributors are primarily promoting summer movies. The beer companies know beer will be consumed at other sporting events and have to market there. Companies are advertising in the Super Bowl for a reason. It fits something in their mission and goals. They are positioning their investment for the success of their products and services.

After Adele’s unexpected showing at the Golden Globes, a spike of sales was measured for the next week with over 700,000 new units sold-a number usually reserved for new artists not a two year old album. This spike could be attributed directly to her presence at the Globes. She has now been confirmed to not just show up, but sing at the Oscars. What will that do to her two year old album, the movie “Skyfall” and the sale of the nominated song Adele wrote? It will be measureable and you know it will be measured.

Now let me bring this to you and your money. When you use your money how do you measure the success of your use of that money?

At $3.8 million you know the companies know why they are advertising. Do you know why you are doing what you want with your money? When you and your family review the family money, how are you measuring the success of your money’s use?

Play like the Super Bowl sponsors and Adele. Position your money for success.

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