Is Your Money Spent?

Looking back, how did you spend your money in December?

Of course some of you spent your money lavishly, without too much thought but with a lot of immediate pleasure.

Some of you gave away money to your favorite charities or assisted someone who needed a helping hand.

Others surprised someone with a gift without thought of needing a gift from them in return.

Still others metered out specific amounts for various people on your list, careful to not over spend on anyone person.

Did you use cash or credit cards for most of your holiday spending? Were you more aware of your financial exchange when you exchanged currency or when you used your credit card?

The holidays are an interesting time to watch our spending habits. It is usually a time when the doors of spending are wide open. It is up to us to manage how we walk through that door.

This year develop the habits that enable you to distribute your money rather than spend it. You will be in control.

What will that give you?

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