Your Compass is Essential

An old legend tells the tale of ancient deities, who, while assisting in the making of the world, wondered how to form a compass for people to use to guide them in their journey on earth. There was much debate about this compass and what it would look like, as you can imagine with such an important purpose. These deities talked about where the compass would be pointed, how this tool could be accessed, even who could access it and where it should be safeguarded. These ancients did not want this mighty compass to be lost, stolen or squandered by human’s carelessness, greed, or misguidance.

Before then, there was no compass so people were reckless and casual about their lives. Without direction there was no commitment. As a result there was a careless disregard of the land and even of themselves. These ancient deities were concerned about the possibility of man’s survival.

The gods wanted this compass to be safely stored so the compass would be assured of lasting for generations and carried from generation to generation. In their unfathomable wisdom they hid the compass in such an obvious place, a place it could always be found.  

Through the centuries the gods have seen many people who did not find the compass, substitute other items for the compass at a huge cost.  There have also been those who have used the compass finding it to be of great value extending well beyond themselves and out to their families for generations.

What is the compass? It is the set of principles or values that we live by, the ones that are found in our hearts. 

Recently I met a gentleman who said that he and his family talk about values a lot. He told me that a few years ago he asked his then five year old daughter what courage was and she said: “doing that which you don’t want to do.” Today, at nine, not only she, but the entire family uses that definition for their family’s definition of a key family value to them.  Recently, he continued to tell me, he asked another child what the difference was between honesty and integrity was. They said: “Honesty is how you talk to others, while integrity is how you talk to yourself.”

They are using the compass to guide their lives, individually and together. How valuable is that?

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