I Had No Idea

A constitution, it turns out, is a rather unique document.  

A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed. A major difference from the form of governance it favors is its focus on principles rather than law. I find this profound: a form of governance focused on principles rather than laws.

I had no idea that The US Constitution is one of the shortest constitutions in the world. 

I had no idea that the US Constitution was the oldest written constitution, developed from one single source that was still in effect today. The Magna Carta is a legal charter. The Swedish Constitution, written in the same time period as the US Constitution, is no longer in effect. The current San Marino Constitution began as Statutes. India ratified their constitution in 1949, and China did not ratify their constitution until 1982. 

I had no idea that the Iroquois nation’s political confederacy and democratic government influenced the US Constitution.

I recently read that George Washington’s personal copy of the US Constitution was sold at auction for $9.8 million, a record bid for a US historical written document and more than three times what it was expected to fetch.

I was surprised at the winning bid.  I thought it was low. Yes, there are purportedly about 35 of the 200 original copies still in existence today.  But this was George Washington’s copy and contained the Bill of Rights along with the US Constitution and this copy was in pristine condition. I got a chuckle hearing that the Mount Vernon Ladies Association, those who maintain the historic Mount Vernon estate, were the winning bidders.   Way to go ladies!

I think the US Constitution and the accompanying Bill of Rights is a great model for families to establish. When a purpose is built with a set of standards that is understood and kept relevant within a family though developed trust and communication, a family is destined for success for generations.

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