When the Ripple Matters

I was walking from the garage to the kitchen door. I was weary and very reflective from events a few hours before. You see Grandma had passed on a few hours earlier at the hospice. We had all said our goodbyes to her. The mortician came and gently placed her body in their vehicle, driving her to her final resting place.  We stayed for a while, laughing, crying and beginning to deal with the fact that Grandma was gone. We then left the hospice and drove home, sad but happy for Grandma had filled our lives with joy. She played a huge impact on keeping the family together.   

 I wasn’t really thinking anything in particular as I walked the few yards from the garage to my back door. But suddenly my body started to shake as I put the key into the lock. I was startled and let go of the key as I suddenly saw a vivid imagery. In front of my face there were strong ripples, each circle cascading out becoming larger and reaching further. I started to cry as I realized what this vision represented to me. It was this:  

There are some people whose life carries a strong and lengthy ripple cascading and reaching out to many, from those they know to those they didn’t know. Their message or acts inspired others. There are still others who have a weak, almost ineligible ripple, who were so afraid of life, that their negativity was more important than their possibility. And then there are those, like Grandma, who had a strong impact and influence on their family and community, so strong that nine years later, their impact is still felt and expanded on. At that moment, outside the back door to my house, I quickly saw the ripples of others in my life that had passed. It was profound to see the ripples of those, some of whom were very weak, almost non-existent and others whose ripples were staggering in their strength.  

From that vision I learned that the ripple matters. It doesn’t matter who it effects, it does matter how it affects. Grandma was a very private person but her ripple still affects her family nine years later. How strong is your ripple? How can you strengthen yours?  How will you strengthen yours?

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