The Second House on the Hill was Spectacular yet Temporary

This home was spectacular to behold as you drove towards it on the curved road lined with old, arching Maple trees. This home was crafted from imported woods whose red tones were highlighted with the rays of the setting sun on it. It was a working horse ranch.  The owners flew in three or four times a year to take a break from their scheduled lives elsewhere. The lady of the house enjoyed the horses but not like her son, a rising equestrian champion. The gentleman of the house viewed this home as a hobby business for his wife and son.  As long as his son was interested in his equestrian pursuits, the gentleman would keep the ranch with its rolling expenses and payroll.

Whether the owners were at home or not, the house on the hill was beautifully kept up. The landscape was well maintained with plants and trees that showcased the house. The inside lights were always on but you knew the owners were home when the outside lights were also on, illuminating and highlighting the specimen Japanese maples, hydrangeas and grasses.

Because this property contained a business, there was a second house where the general manager and head trainer lived. The manager of the ranch’s duty was to make sure the business was running smoothly, report to the ranch owners by phone or email, on a periodic basis, and pay all bills that had been approved by the owners. The trainer trained the specimen horses. He was hired to produce champions. He also trained the owners’ son who desperately wanted to be a champion equestrian. The trainer’s primary job was to make that happen. Other staff was hired for the upkeep of the ranch and horses.  

The manager, the trainer and the staff all knew that if the son grew tired of his equestrian passion or if the owners changed their interests that this estate would be sold. This house on the hill was there for the benefit of the owners’ son’s passion. This home, although beautifully constructed and well maintained was temporary and would be sold when the boy’s passion changed, if he were injured and  unable to ride or if there were a change in the owners’ commitment to this ranch.  

House on the hill #2 was there to feed a passion. Once that passion was gone, everybody would pack up and leave, moving on to the next thing. It would fade into the annals of fleeting memories.

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