Meet the Fortune Brothers

Today you will meet the brothers:  Rex Alarm Fortune ‘RA’, Dee Lite Fortune ‘DL’, and Ray Flexion Fortune ‘RF’ Each of the brothers has built a lifetime of habits which they each play out, over and over again, with consistent familiarity, each with their own set of consequences. 

Remember these two maxims as you learn more about the Fortune brothers:

Money habits are born early.

Money is mercurial and has no master. It only functions as you command, no questions asked.

RA’s habits with money stem from his gut reactions to money. He wants to avoid pain and seek pleasure, a reasonable request, he says. He grabs last minute items at the check-out stand. He views long term planning as a waste of time. He is in and out of the stock market depending on his internal reactions to the market. He reacts to an internal alarm that tells him to avoid the pain and seek the fun. RA looks to fill the needs of today without care or worry about the future, for it too will one day become today and he will deal with it then.

His brother DL views money as a stress reliever. His money habits center around keeping himself happy. He trades in his car every 3 years. He pays for the “night out” tab. He is known to, overspend.  He appeases himself and others with his money. He seeks to resolve the stresses he feels and focus on the good times. DL believes “it’s all good” and uses his money to give credence to his belief. He does wonder why his habits aren’t quite working for him and buries the thought in more pleasurable tools he purchases.

Their brother RF takes a different approach altogether.   Being the much younger brother, he has seen what his older brothers’ habits around money have yielded them. RF steps away from a money decision before he takes action. RF deliberates. Instead of looking at one car, he considers three and buys the one that fits his financial considerations. He knows how much of a house he can buy before he goes out looking. He won’t buy more than he can handle. RF knows that he can react to money like his brothers do, and he does, on occasion, but even then it is with deliberate thought.

All three brothers were raised under the same roof, but their experiences and their models are each different. This contributes to each of their outlooks being different.

Enough about the brothers today. You will hear more about them another time.

What have I wanted to convey in introducing you to the Fortune brothers? One of the ways that our legacy passes is through our habits and behaviors around money. For most people their relationship with money is a mirror or resistance to early observations of parents or, in some cases, a care giver. Think about that for a second.

 What’s important about that? I spent a lot of time with a governess when I was little; I don’t remember ever talking much about money with her but her actions were what spoke volumes to me. I mirrored and later turned away from my governess’s view of money as a tool for someone other than her. The other person I had experiences with around money was my grandfather. I mirrored my grandfather’s sense of generosity and his sense of the commitment and discipline it took to make and keep money.  Habits and behaviors were internalized by me from unintentional teaching experiences.  

 How were you raised around money?

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