Did You See That? You Must Have Heard THAT!

Who was it that said: “beware of the things that go bump in the night?” Looking it up, it seems that Captain Mainwaring and his platoon popularized the phrase on a British TV sitcom in the 1970s. One fateful night the Captain and his platoon were lost in a thunderstorm. Wet, cold and tired, they wandered in unfamiliar territory until they stumbled upon a house.

 Although no one was in the house, the fire in the fireplace was still burning-a deserted house with the fire burning-perfect for a TV sitcom plot. Through the night the men encountered many mishaps, most of their own making as it turns out, from the sight of a moving bear which turns out to be a bearskin one of the soaking men is wearing, to the sound of a moaning howling in the distance to the sound of heavy boots coming up the stairs, which turned out to be the caretaker of this house converted into a dog training school.  

What is this story about? On surface it is about the ridiculous things that happen in the dead of night that scare a lost, cold, wet and tired platoon.

But what is it really about? It’s about how our mind can take what we perceive with our senses and create an illusion we then consider real.  

What is important about that? Without realizing it our mind can play the role of the magician. The mind can take what is there and turn it into something else. And we believe the ensuing transformation without question. That’s a great magician; able to convince us that what we saw is really something else.    

Because the brain will reframe the unfamiliar or unexpected to something we can recognize, it is important to have a prepared mind.  Prepare for uncertainty so when things go bump in the night you don’t land in the world of ridiculous, out of control conclusions. When we are prepared we can respond to what is there rather than turn it into an illusion and react on it.   Be the supervisor to the magician so it, being well prepared can perform at just the right time, for the right reasons.  

But wait… did you see that? It looked like the book moved on the bookshelf.  Oh, PHEW! it was only a shadow, from a cloud covering the sun, that crossed the bookshelf across from me. No, wait, listen…. did you just hear that? That sounded like someone slowly pushing open the door to my office, and yet, I’m the only one here! Oh, it’s Tar baby, opening the door with her snout. The magician got me again!

Be prepared for the things that go bump in the night

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