Behind the Phrase

Don’t work hard work smart is a familiar phrase. Now, let’s pump up the volume and really give it some power: don’t work hard or work smart, work right. Those last two words open the lock: work right. Of course saying it doesn’t make it so but saying it does create an intention to making it so. With that intention it is easier to find the right way.  Work right, a great idea!


Live each day like it’s your last. I hear this phrase a lot and although I like it, it feel it doesn’t quite get to the core. It’s a little flippant to me. What last day? Am I in a coma, am I drifting in and out of conversations, am I observing others, what exactly is my last day?  No this phrase becomes either:  Live each day like it’s your best.

Learn from your heritage and create a lasting legacy are two phrases that have stood alone and apart from each other. Why? Don’t they relate to each other?  I believe they should be combined for the synergistic relationship they have with each other. The phrase will now be: Honor your heritage by leaving a legacy, that’s your legitage.  Now the question is what is the significance in your heritage that can be framed to add dimension to your legacy?  

Your attitude will determine your outcome. I think this phrase includes a key element: attitude but there is an action step mission. I rephrase this to read: Your outcome will be determined by the choices you make.  And the big question for this is how are you determining the choices to get to your intended outcome? How is critical here as is intention. You must know your intention to get to the outcome you seek.  Your outcome will be determined by the choices you make reminds me of the phrase above: don’t work hard or work smart, work right.  Your intention is so important to identify before anything else. IT makes everything else (expected outcomes, strategies, tactics and necessary actions) clearer.

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