Are your Money Tools Supporting your Intentions or Feeding your Habits?

Recently I was working with clients who use a Mac.  In the early stages of our engagement I discovered something that stunned me. I want to share that with you but first let me give  you a little background to put this all in context. 

One of the elements of my Cash Focus program is for clients to produce an annual budget; not just for the current month but for  twelve months, three hundred sixty five days.  This provides a solid foundation for Cash Focus luminaries to sustain valuable money behaviors and habits. To be able to understand your financial spending trends and then forecast for productive future habits is a basic element of wise money stewardship to me.  Apparently the financial software and cloud based applications thinks this is too much to expect from people. Really?! WOW what are we teaching and enabling people to do then?

I asked my Mac clients if they had Quicken, the most stable and comprehensive tool for cash management that I am aware of. They said yes. Terrific. I thought we were up and running. But now, we quickly found out we were up and stalled. Quicken for Mac did not have yearly budgeting capability. I was stunned. While I called Intuit, my clients went on the search for an alternative program to use.  In my call with Intuit I learned that only the PC version had a forecasting capability to it. “You’re kidding?!” I simultaneously asked and said. “No, there just hasn’t been a big enough need for that on Mac yet.” is how I interpreted their response to me. “Wow” I thought, and joined my clients in the search for a tool that could handle annual budgets, provide forecasting and provide effective support. The diligent search found ZERO alternatives, nada, nothing. WHOA!!!!!! They downloaded Quicken for PC on their Mac. Now they are able to track, trend and make decisions around their money habits and behaviors productively.

I both learned and discovered a few things from this experience with my Mac clients. Most people are as clueless about their role with money as past generations. Money continues to be merely a thing  to spend today and with whatever’s left, save for retirement. Most people don’t understand the role of money in their lives as a tool in realizing their desired destinations.   From families to financial  policy makers the halls reverberate with the sound of loose coins being thrown here and there with no greater plan than what’s expedient for today as a basis for decision making.

Are your money tools supporting your intentions or feeding your habits? You want them to support your intentions. That takes creating a financial system that benefits  you.

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