The link between your rich past and vibrant future is your legitage

The richness of our past, our unique heritage, linked with the promise for tomorrow, our gift of a signature legacy, is our legitage.

We often hear about events from the past. Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed cooking or travelling, playing bridge or refining their lapidary skills. We hear about the things they enjoyed to do. And this does give us a great introductory connection with them. But after a while, we want more, it’s only natural. We want to know what REALLY made them tick. What did they get from travelling, playing bridge, cooking or turning rocks into shiny stones? What were the ingredients that formed the people that they were, rather than described the activities they did?  But more often we don’t know what was important about cooking, or traveling or playing bridge or reading to them. What was the value they placed in those passions, hobbies, and interests? 

It’s like a cookie. They can be great to eat but eventually, as we get more immersed into cookiedom, we want to know more about it, what’s in it, how can we make it, how can we take from that recipe and add our own flavors, etc., etc. We want to add from the richness of the past and add our signature to the future cookie, our creation. 

It is in finding what is important about what was significant to our fore parents that the bridge to more meaningful connection lays. 

Go back another generation, to your great grandparents, what do you know about them? When I ask a room of attendees at a workshop to raise their hands if they know more than the names of their great grandmas and great grandpas, I will get a few people; at most, raise their hands in the affirmative.  And they pause as they realize there is something missing in the family connection. A branch has broken off unknowingly. And it is that which was done without intention that causes the breach of connection. It is this unknowing behavior that we can’t undo, not as it pertains to those who are deceased. They are gone.  

For a family to stay together it needs to recognize and promote its history, it shared beliefs and standards. This cannot happen as a dictatorial call from on high but rather as an experienced connection within a family. In an agreed to context, the family pillars of purpose, trust, and stewardship are built to more meaningfully connect the generations for generations to come as a family unit.  

What values and principles are you utilizing today that make up the core of who you are, giving depth, purpose and strength to your life? These will have meaning to those who come after you, you just may not know it yet.  

We’ll talk more next time.

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