The Ripple Says it All

I remember throwing stones out in the inlet of the bay to create ripples. At first I enjoyed the small ripples because that is all I produced. Then I saw my brother create a sequence of ripples by throwing in stones that skipped over the surface of the water. Then I saw a bird drop a pebble from the sky and it created a large repeating ripple. So I returned to the inlet of the bay and learned how to create different ripples from the different stones and rocks I threw in as well as the ways I threw the stones and rocks into the water. If I gently tossed the stone, the ripple was small. If I threw a rock in to the bay, it would land with a thud; create a big splash but not much of a ripple. When I found a smooth stone with a nice flat surface and held it just right, I could make that thing skip and skip and skip creating ripple after ripple after ripple. It was mesmerizing and a blast!

What I learned from this came to its zenith a few years ago when my husband’s grandmother passed away. It was a long day. I had been with her since before dawn and had been blessed to be with her during her passing. Later that evening, after the funeral director received her body, and after the family departed the hospice center, I drove home in the car I had driven to the center that morning.  Full of sadness yet also filled with a feeling of peace and gratitude for her gifts of friendship and adventure, I went through the familiar steps of parking the car in our garage and walked towards the back entry of the house. As I walked up the 3 steps to the door and was about to insert the key into the locke, a vision washed over me and stopped me in my tracks. My hand with the key fell limp at my side as I experienced the vision. In front of me I saw a growing circle of ripples in front of me. I stood there stunned.

And then I realized that I was looking at the ripples Grandma had left for me. I was not alone. In fact the effects of her ripples would go on for years to come. And indeed they have.

Of course, our lives are creating ripples as we live.  They are not seen by us for the most part because we are creating them rather than watching them. Once we are gone the ripples are felt. Some leave ripples that are barely seen or felt by others. Some leave ripples that last for a while then fade. Some leave ripples that are strong and long lasting, the effects of which ripple out for years, decades, and generations.

How are you building your ripple?

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