Building a Family Legacy Insights

I am completing my book called Building Your Family Legacy: the ultimate guide for building family connections with legacies that last for generations. I wanted to inlcude a few quotes and found one I want to share with you.

The Family – “That dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.”
-Dodie Smith

What struck me about this quote is the final phrase ” ever quite wish to.” If that is indeed the case what would happen if we turn that phrase on its head and transform it to an action involving building the family tentacles so they spread out with meaning and with purpose serving as guide and as net? Wouldn’t that strengthen families so they are able to flourish, staying connected with legacies that last for generations?

Don’t think it would work? The Mogis are a 17th generation family who have not rusted or hidden in the shadows of theor family tree. Instead they have  a creed that is relevant and has grown from the three line creed of the initial patriarch who realized that preserving the family and giving it the gift of initial focus was better than letting a family be left to its own devices. Or the Rothchilds who have created a family of legacy and have held a family retreat to which 1000 members attended.

As an athlete has to train to become an athlete, so does a family have to intentionally decide to become a family of purpose. Instead of falling into the traditional pattern of divisiveness and discord, a family can build the pillars and foundation of continuing connection for generations. This doesn’t only excite me. It moves me. It makes me applaud those who make the commitment to go down this road for it is priceless in building more than one or two generation families. It builds ongoing families of support, trust, love, communication and learning.

That’s it for today.

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