Every Life Has a Story

Every life has a story

How does your story begin?

How is it told so the past and the future

Can benefit from the nuggets within?

Each and every life is a story.

It starts with the day you begin.

Choices and sacrifices, successes and challenges

Contribute to the experiences within. 

What from your life that if shared with your your family would help them understand you better?  What from your life that if share with your family would build bridges of greater understanding?  I was at an event the other day where an adult child heard a story from Dad’s life. As the son said, he had heard those stories before. But this time it was different. It was no longer in the setting of Dad to son, it was in a setting where the one telling the story, the Dad, was just another person to the son, not as the ever present Dad. When the son heard the story from an entirely new perspective, without the filter of Dad to son and son to Dad, the story made him cry. The son said to the audience, in honor or his dad, ” There’s a diamond of knowledge and experience that I took for granted because I didn’t see. I overlooked a gift and that got handed to me (just now). Thank you for sharing the somehting I knew was ther but just didn’t see.” And Dad said: “I kept telling you.”

Depending on how we tell the story is often how it will be received. When stories are told from the perspective of parent to child, or grandparent to grandchild, it is often in the framework of authority or in the framework of information, or in the framework of comparing the parent to child or grandparent to grandchild. OR at least this is how it is often perceived by the listener.

Stories must be told differently. They must be told so both the teller and the listener have lost the boundary of familial relationship. They must be told to add the experienced of that story, the experience that the listener can relate to and understand. That is when bridges of understanding are built and walked on.

 What is the beacon of light that you hold that once told would add to your family’s light, not for your reasons, but for theirs?

What is the light that you hold and would make the family lantern stronger and brighter if communicated in such a way that it brings meaning to the listener, the other family members, not from your perspective but from theirs?

What is your story that must be commuicated or else will die when you die?

It’s these meaningful stories, the heart of the family that is a key to keeping families together for generations.

I need a lantern so that when I light a match:

I can fan the flame and watch it grow brighter in its secure and safe cover


I can blow that flame out 

Which do you want?

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